The Concepts Philosophy:

The PREBORDERLANE® uses exclusively the time, you would have to wait anyway One control, splitted into two steps Minimum control (e.g. EU), or maximum control (e.g. NON-EU). Or even one single step (minimum control) can be done at the PREBORDERLANE®. For the border control check the PASSENGER will be guided to the quickest possible counter process. The officer is the last instance authorizing crossing the border. Here we are presenting a concept of crossing border control in a more efficient way than before. It is a technical system for dividing / differentiating passenger flows into full screening and minimum screening streams (in context with covid-19/corona). The time passengers spend waiting in line to have their passports inspected (border control) could be used to scan travel documents (in compliance with ICAO). Because of its position in front of the passport control counters it is called.


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Developer - Alexander Nouak

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Concept Originator and Developer - Jörg Köplin

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